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International Harvester IH Tractor Data Info - International Harvester IH Farm Tractor Information, Resources & Specs

Information on new and antique International Harvester IH farm tractors. Tractor info and specs are available for most makes and models of International Harvester IH tractors. Click below to search for the make and model of International Harvester IH farm tractor you'd like information on:

10-20 Gear Drive (KC) Regular Tread 10-20 Gear Drive (NC & NT) Narrow Tread 184 234
244 254 3088 3288
3388 3488 3588 3688
482 5088 5288 5488
582 6388 6588 6788
682 782 982 A
AV B C Cub
Cub 154 Lo-Boy Cub 185 Lo-Boy Cub Lo-Boy F-100
F-1026 F-1066 F-12 F-1206
F-1256 F-130 F-14 F-140
F-1456 F-1466 F-1468 F-1566
F-1568 F-20 F-200 F-230
F-240 F-30 F-300 F-350
F-400 F-404 F-450 F-460
F-504 F-544 F-560 F-656
F-666 F-706 F-756 F-766
F-806 F-826 F-856 F-966
Farmall Regular H HV Hydro 100
Hydro 186 Hydro 70 Hydro 84 Hydro 86
I-100 I-1026 I-1086 I-1206
I-1256 I-130 I-140 I-1456
I-1486 I-1586 I-240 I-254
I-2706 I-274 I-284 I-284 Diesel 2WD
I-284 Diesel 4WD I-300 U I-330 U I-340
I-350 I-364 I-384 I-404
I-4100 I-4156 I-4166 I-4186
I-424 I-4366 I-4386 I-444
I-454 I-4568 I-4586 I-460
I-4786 I-504 I-544 I-560
I-574 I-584 I-6 I-600
I-606 I-650 I-656 I-660
I-664 I-666 I-674 I-684
I-686 I-706 I-756 I-784
I-786 I-806 I-826 I-856
I-884 I-886 I-9 I-986
I-W400 I-W450 ID-6 ID-9
O-4 O-6 ODS-6 OS-4
OS-6 SW-4 Super A Super C
Super H Super M Super MD Super MDV
Super MTA Super MV Super W-6 Super W6-TA
Super WD-6 Super WD-9 Super WDR-9 W-12
W-14 W-4 W-40 W-9
W30 WD-40 WD-9 WDR-9
WR-9 WR-9-S